Are you done?

Have you finished building the machines, making your workspace or already started creating beautiful products from plastic waste?
Nice. One.  

Before you go and become a recycling hero there is a few things you could do that would mean the world to us and push the project further!

Share back

We like to know from people using Precious Plastic around the world. If you're working with Precious Plastic or using our techniques tweet us, tag us on Instagram or even better create a topic on our forum to let us know. This makes us happy 😀


Share the project

Let people in every corner of the world know they can start their own local plastic recycling workspace. Share the project with your friends, family, networks and make sure it reaches every corner of the planet.

Add yourself to the map

Are you actively working to fight plastic pollution or are willing to start taking serious action? Add yourself to the map and show the world you are ready to fix this problem.

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Join the Bazar

The Bazar is our own little place on the web where people from the Precious Plastic community can sell & buy goods, machines, parts or services. 

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Precious Plastic community meets on Dave Hakkens' forum. This is the best place to learn more, find help, share your work and collaborate with likeminded people.

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Oh and last, if you enjoyed Precious Plastic and have the opportunity you can help us with a little donation or support us monthly on Patreon.

We are a proudly independent organisation counting on the big hearts of people dedicating their expertise and time to the cause as well as donors around the world helping us to make the planet a little less plasticky.

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