Precious Plastic Ukraine

Precious Plastic Ukraine are probably the most active in our community when it comes to machine development. Constantly iterating, hacking, improving and changing the machines to fit their growing needs to work with plastic in different ways. 

With the goal to help people properly manage waste, Eugene Khlebnikov and the group of Precious Plastic Ukraine is developing a model of open laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine. They are setting up an educational and production workshop for the processing of plastic waste and are aiming to make people rethink the role of plastic in society- from garbage to raw materials.


Their workspace already allows them to process quite a high volume of plastic waste. Next to the collected and nicely sorted plastic, they have six shredders (yes, six!), an injection and extrusion machine as well as a freshly built thermopress that allows them to make big sheets of recycled plastic.


After building the first shredder at the end of 2016, Precious Plastic Ukraine successfully crowdfunded the purchase of materials to build further equipments and managed to build their thermopress. With this new machine they now are creating nice big plastic sheets of various thicknesses which they use to make furnitures or products. They also have a curious techniques to create springs, that they use to make sketchbooks.

Precious Plastic Ukraine is also making lots of workshops across schools.  Educating kids on recycling in playful and fun ways as well as engaging them to rethink how they see plastic.


These guys are super active when it comes to creating new products. They’ve been putting out a wide range of creations including fidget spinners, clipboards, sketchbooks, tiles, chairs, stools and big sheets. And while experimenting with moulds, colour patterns, shapes and techniques, they are still expanding their equipment to process plastic in even larger volumes.
Big up the Ukrainians.
Check out their super active instagram account to keep up with their latest creations or get hold of some of their products on the Bazar.

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